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Strings on a budget?

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I record mainly acoustic guitar based songs using Logic Pro. i would like to enhance some of my songs with some basic orchestration and have looked at a few options.

I am now thinking of East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver edition as it seems very well priced and also has a decent Steinway Piano within its instrument set.

Before I purchase this, i was wondering if anybody else has a favourite package that I may have overlooked in this price range. ($200).


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CombatWombat Wed, 01/24/2007 - 21:18
Hi there. I am actually currently trying to sell my (practically) brand new copy of MOTU Symphonic Instrument. Could possibly be exactly what you're looking for. :) If you're interested, check out my post in the classifieds section:

(Dead Link Removed)

I am asking $225 shipped.