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soundelux ifet7

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does this microphone measure up to the u47 fet?


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Davedog Tue, 01/30/2007 - 12:35
Yes.....I think they're almost the same size.......... :wink:

One thing to consider. How many folks do you think have had experience or have even seen a real U47FET? Or have been in a position to demo the Soundelux side by side with one?

Hopefully someone will chime in that has an answer to this question. Maybe Audiogaff.....

I have had the opportunity to use a Neumann in the past. World standard for what its worth.

Nothing that comes out of the Soundelux shop is going to be less than incredible, worth the money, capable of all it is claimed to be.

Hard to compare though.....Could be said to be ( The iFET) an incredible piece all on its own with no need to compare.