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using ddrum triggers with a software inst.

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hey everyone. I was just wondering if it would be possible for me to get the ddrum triggers and use them with my garage band virtual software drums that come with the program so that i could just play the drums on my acoustic set rather then type or keyboard them in. Is this possible. As well as with any software such as drums from hell and bfd, etc. I know they just have a 1/4 inch jack in them but i didnt know if they could go in or be hooked up midi somehow without losing any quality compared to if you just used a midi controller. thanks to any help.


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Kev Wed, 01/31/2007 - 12:54
yes we do

so far I have never been able to play drums while listening to any of the " virtual software drums "

just too latent for me

I tend to record the midi notes AND the sound output from the drum trigger module ... even if only the stereo output

I monitor the module directly using the internal sounds ... as these as real time, as it's gonna get

I'll then choose some soft drums and check it against the audio record
against the feel of the track
I always end up bumping things

you may say I play badly
do the test for yourself
record an acoustic kit (or the mesh heads direct to audio) and then put the individual sound back through the system and see how much latency you have.