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Some help please

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Im sure theirs been posts on this but I couldn't seem to find any. I mostly record acoustic music but I'm going to record a friends band and this will mean recording drums. I'm trying to buy mics for this cause I have some "band" songs i need to record as well. My setup consists of a firepod, sm57,58, and e/v 257a. Im more than likley going to trade in some old gear of mine for an akg 112. But what other mics might help me get some good sound as well. Also some good techniques would be nice as well. As for what im recording in, its a basement that has some echo. Not good or should I track elsewhere? I would like to be able to have one for the snare, kick, two toms and two overheads. It would be alright to use my 58 and e/v 257 as overheads wouldnt it? I was thinking the 57 would be the obvious choice for the snare. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Member Thu, 02/01/2007 - 21:23
I use Samson Q-Mic series. I have a five piece set. They are all labeled according to the type of drum (Q-snare, Q-Kick, Q-Tom etc...) simple and clean. They are priced great. The mics will get you the basic sounds your after. Its all up to mixing after that. Oh yea, I use Behrenger overhead condensers.
You can check out my drum sounds and jusdge for yourself.



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Kev Sat, 01/06/2007 - 12:34
you probably do need some accoustic treatment
both deadening and diffussion

head for
Acoustics & Design

Steve and Rod can help you out
some simple DIY stuff can go a long way

the overheads
I think you should look to a pair of small condenser pencil type Mics.
Mics can be very expensive and it all come down to how much you are prepare to throw at it.
... but one of the boxed pair from the typical Budget Manufacturers could be good to get you started

the 57s are fine on snare and toms

search and read some of the drum recording techniques here at RO and you will find the various popular Mic choices
... also look for
drum recording methods
3 and 4 Mic techniques

and don't forget how important drum tuning is