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Digi 002/RME

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I was reading the topics, but i couldn't't find a good answer to me.. so here it goes..
I'm brazilian, and here we don't have much experience with RME products (I don't know why anyone is importing rme products to here). So, i'm always reading and listening to topics and recordings from there and everybodys saying very good things about RME. I'm building a studio here and my uncle is in LA (if he wasn't i could never pay the delivery taxes) so I want to upgrade my computer interface (used to be a Delta 1010) and he will bring to me.. And the question is: A RME interface will really give me better quality then a Digi 002? And if yes, what would be the best RME for me in the Digi's price range? I'm now working with an 8 channel preamp with adat output, and another 4 preamps with analog outs (pretending to buy others, too)... so i need adat, aes, spdif and analog ports.
Sorry if you have to answer this again, but i really couldn't find an answer to this and I'm in a big doubt..
Well, thanks a lot for any help and sorry about my english, I know it sucks!


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ghellquist Thu, 02/15/2007 - 11:38
Hi, no problems with your English.

The largest reason to buy Digidesign units is if you want to run ProTools LE. This program only starts if Digidesign (or some M-Audio) hardware is connected to the computer.

If you are thinking about the Digidesign 002R (the rackmounted version) it is an somewhat old design. Not bad in any way, but not the best anymore. The 002 (without R) has motorized faders as well. Remember that the 002R prices includes the ProTools LE software.

In a similar price level the RME Fireface 800 is a very good card. It works, the AD and DA sounds good, it has a lot of inputs and outputs and the software mixer is really good. Weakest point is possibly the preamps, they are useablet though.

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