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Philosophical question about near-field monitors

What justifies the high price of some small near-field monitors compared to others? For example, the Klein+Hummel 0110's vs. the Dynaudio BM5A's. On paper, the specs look similar to each other and I've read rave reviews about both. But the K+H's cost twice as much as the Dynaudios. What is it about the K+H's that gives them their higher value? Thanks.



Cucco Mon, 02/19/2007 - 12:30
Hundreds of factors...

In some cases (such as the Dyn's) manufacture their own drivers and crossovers and don't do much to the enclosures (though they are quite solid and sound).

In other cases, companies outsource their drivers (sometimes cheaper, sometimes far more expensive) and put a lot into their enclosures.

Also, a company that makes and sells thousands of pairs of monitors is likely able to offer them slightly more affordable than companies that do them in smaller batches.

Dynaudio monitors are a GREAT bargain for their price.

K&H is simply a phenomenal monitor. I would gladly mix with both of them.