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I wondered if anyone could help me out with this problem. Its a scenario given to my by college, and Im ment to come up with a solution, but I havent a clue.

Heres the scenario;

We are setting up a recording facility. In the facility we already have a sequencing suite with 24 computer based workstations. We also have, in a separate suite, three recording studios, they are a couple of miles away from eachother.
In the sequencing suite there are 24 G5 Apple Macs running on Logic 6.
There is nothing in the recording studios yet.
There are 3 producers employed full time.

One wants to use pro tools.

The other wants analog and digital set up

The third wants to run the studios on Logic 6.

How could we set up the studio, ensuring there is compatibility between all the machines in the studio and sequencing suite?

Hope someone has some ideas.


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Kapt.Krunch Sat, 02/24/2007 - 04:38
I can't give you the answers, because it doesn't seem to be quite enough information...and I know next to nothing about Macs and Logic and Pro Tools. But here are some things you can consider:

You have an analog person who doesn't know which program to use yet.
You have a Pro Tools person, and a Logic person.

Do Pro Tools and Logic speak the same language as far as importing and exporting files, easily? If so, they are taken care of. Are they comapatible with whatever other "sequencing" software you are using on your 24 G5s? The analog guy needs to decide how he wants to work, and use one, the other...or both. Since there is no mention of budget...who knows?

You can back up to external drives, and transport them between each other. You can have a fast Internet connection, and send them, though it would still probably take a while, and there could be problems inherent in Internet communications.

You could try to convince the Pro Tools or the Logic person to change, and have the analog person follow suit. Or, you could install all of it to all of them, and have Pro Tools guy and Logic guy grumbling because they have use that @$%&*! software.

I think basically you need to find out, first, how compatible all the programs are, and work backward from there. Transporting shouldn't be much of a problem.

Or, you could just say "Take the Rap stuff to Studio A, the Rock stuff to Studio B, and the transcendental meditation stuff to Studio C. We don't want producer Mary's stuff to end up in producer Bill's studio, because Bill always savages everyone else's know how producers are!"

Now, go do your homework :wink: