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touch screen monitors

i am looking to buy one

(there are cheaper)

but my idea behind this was to run nuendos mixing board on one of these bad boys and lay it down on my desk as if it were a console.



cfaalm Sat, 03/03/2007 - 10:35
drumist69 wrote: Still, it sounds fun! Why dont the maufacturers of control surfaces think like this? They could probably market a horizontal control monitor for $300 next year! I think its a good alternative, lacking the moving parts and such. Just some thoughts! ANDY

It would look really "Star Trek", but the surface would have to be scratch proof and easy to clean. Our keyboardplayer has a little touchscreen on his DAW that he uses on stage. It looks very neat, as if he'd navigate us through the songs.

moisiss Sat, 03/03/2007 - 14:40
The touchscreens you posted probably wouldn't work like you want them to... mostly because (unless I am mistaken) they are single touch interfaces... that means no controlling multiple faders at the same time.

You should look at something like this...

...Though, I don't know if it works with nuendo.

Hopefully, stuff like this... just around the corner for wide scale commercial use!!!

Also, I think a mobile controller app would really kick ass on the iPhone when it comes out... can you imagine... turn your iPhone one it's side and start the app... and some little multi-touch controlled faders/knobs pop up and allow you to control whatever you want in the software you are running on your laptop. Since all the controls would be "soft" (i.e. graphics on a screen) you could make up personalized control setups depending on what you need for a particular song... inserting faders/knobs/whatever else whenever you need it.

Member Fri, 02/23/2007 - 21:43
blaumph has a point however there are cheaper ones lcd type 17 inch to be exact that run around 4 something. but just looking at the nuendo cubase mixing board and im sure you would want to try it out. im going for it . i was just wondering what you all thought about it. yes its going to cost some but then again i wont have to worry about getting new controls for my daw or sampler. 8)