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Latency How big of an issue?

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I'm trying to decide between and alone recorder and a firewire but I'm concerned about latency issues - We fear what we do not understand!. On stand alone recorders this seems like a non-issue but for computer based systems this is a big issue. My concern is how does it affect punch in and punch outs when fixing track mistakes? Is it such a problem that it is difficult to match the playing of the playback track to the recorded punch in spot that you are currently trying to record? Or is it such a small time value that is does not present a problem.



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Reggie Thu, 03/08/2007 - 09:07
I usually don't monitor what I am recording through the recording software. I monitor directly what I am recording by routing inputs directly to the outputs through RME's TotalMix. Other good interfaces have a similar feature. Zero latency monitoring is good enough for me!

Although when recording vocals and the guy wants a reverb or something on his voice, I can monitor through the recording software with only 3ms of latency, which is basically no latency to speak of.