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best tube amp for recording metal?

i record melodic death metal and i need a good amp. kinda similar to in flames colony-clayman era (and somewhat their newest album), i think they use a peavey but I'm unsure of the model? like what sounds really clean, high gain, but not a dead mess of fuzz? (please dont say marshall..)

btw where can i look for real amps, the only place i can find around here (bakersfield ca) is guitar center and the extend to recording amps is crate tube amps, marshalls, or fenders, all mainstream brands everyone buys. some are pretty good but nothing what i need em for.


hueseph Sat, 02/17/2007 - 14:34
RockmanXPR wrote: As promised, Here is some samples I just did
Song is Symphony of Destruction and I made 3 different intros
1st is just a mono track, 2nd is 2 tracks panned right and left, and the 3rd is the same but with drums. My goal is just to get a good recording tone, hopefully all flatlined (cept with a Triaxis you can play around with the dynamic settings as if it were an EQ)

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Honestly, i thought the guitars sounded fine there. Good even. I found more fault in the drums which I felt sound a little boxy. That may be the room.

RockmanXPR Tue, 03/13/2007 - 15:58
hueseph wrote:

Honestly, i thought the guitars sounded fine there. Good even. I found more fault in the drums which I felt sound a little boxy. That may be the room.

Thanks for the input, and funny you should mention the drums, they are really a midi file with Drum kit from hell Superior samples. No effects on them and the gating was done with the software. However here is a better version, drums have been EQ's and added a bit of reverb in it too

This recording was done a couple months ago but now I think I found a better recording tone...

dementedchord Wed, 03/14/2007 - 20:36
for the record i am a keyboard player and a tech... not a guitarist... how ever a very close friend who is a shredder and an engineer with a small prostudio here in town had been looking fora new combo for his room... and believe it or not what he ended up with was this new little crate 32 wt class A thing... if your needing to push big rooms stay away but for recording this thing is amazing... i know it dont make sense but you owe it to your self to check this thing out... probably the sleeper amp du jour...

Pro Audio Guest Tue, 03/27/2007 - 15:40
for a follow up on bass, i got an ibanez rd 505 used (brand new condition) for 250$, and its AMAZING with recording. its active and its tone blows anything ive heard in its price range away, very crisp clicks and the low end is solid but very deep. it complements my stuff very well.

as for amp, im at library atm ill check out those amps but ive played on those crates i think, the little tube ones? whitish color? sounded good for rock but didnt really do it for me.

@multoc... NO!!!! DEFINITELY NOT!!! ive heard the line 6 flextone and it sounded terrible. ive recorded with spider combo AND stack (using boss multi distortion and metal and insane) and they both sound BAD. their tone sounds very phased (i dont know whats up with that) and really boxy. miking it does nothing but various colors of crap.

marshall.. no not for me. they dont have the liveliness that a 5150 has.

i actually played on a jsx at guitar center, 1.5k dollar combo amp, and it has amazing tone too. i might get this peavy half-tube amp (tube pre solid state power amp i think it is) it doesnt sound great (sounds kinda american heavy metal, best i can describe is slayer and slipknot, kinda dry sound) but its something i can work with. just throw an eq7 in the loop to bring out the warm a little.

theres also a sound i like but ill have to find an example for it, so far it sounds like a scooped mesa boogie eqed in the mix to fit the bass. if anyone knows of the bands, eternal tears of sorrow, children of bodom (sorta, more their hatecrew album as reaper was eqed really harsh), in flames reroute to soundtrack era. might also be in their miking too, colony-clayman sounds more like a 5150 with a 57 on the grill, more straight up. the ones i posted sound more refined in a studio (close to DI sounding, but you can tell its not DI).

and what do you say to a singer that wants to record right side DI and left side miked because its 'what studios do' :(