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Speaker cable from guitar head to cab

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It is okay to use a mogami patch cable to connect these? I have a 3 foot speaker cable, but would it be better to use mogami? It would only be a distance of 3 feet.


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moonbaby Fri, 03/23/2007 - 13:57
Correct, Demento.
All you need is a piece of heavy-duty "zipcord" (electrical cord), preferably 14-gauge or heavier. Just a 2-conductor, unshielded will do.
NEVER use the shield as 1 of the 2 conductors on a speaker line!
If you make your own, be aware that there are 1/4" plugs that will and won't do. A Switchcraft 280 is good if the wire is not too thick, and they make a "Jumbo" plug that will handle thicker cable. BUT that jumbo plug may not fit into the area on the amp that you need to plug into. I mean that the amp may have its' speaker jacks too close together to plug 2 speaker cables with those plugs in at the same time (the plugs barrel is pretty fat), and some amps may have other jacks (insert loops, footswitches,etc) that may impede this as well. Good luck!