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SSL Duende plugins not loading in Cubase 4 and Wavelab 6

I have just bought and installed Duende. The Installation seems to be ok.

My problem is that Cubase 4 does not show the SSL Plugins. I recognized that I have to move the DLL's manually to the Cubase VST folder, but it did not help. I even tried different positions within the VST folder, in sub-folders and directly in the VST root folder.

In the meantime I found out, that in Cubase 4 there is a XML-Plugin-Blacklist. I deleted the file and tried another start of Cubase, but after this start the SSL Plugins are in the blacklist again.

Similar story with Wavelab 6: During startup Wavelab comments that “The SSL Plugin XY could not be loaded”.

I would appreciate your help very much.

Thank you & best regards,

My System:
Intel Core2Quad 2.66 MHZ
2 x UAD-1 (PCI)
RME Fireface 800
Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2)
Cubase 4