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need ideas!

so I have moved and I have to build a new studio. ( which sucks ) any way I don't know if this is the right place for this subject or not but here I go.
whats a good way to raise funds? any one got ideas? I am up for anything.


RemyRAD Mon, 11/19/2007 - 03:01
That's a tough one. Unless you've got contacts and contracts in hand, I think the most you could hope for is slave labor. Even though I had the funds to equip most of my studio, I certainly didn't have the financial where for all to afford all the construction help, much less any architectural needs. So thanks to some networking, I ended up with a couple of wonderful carpenters who swapped their professional services for mine.

I was so appreciative of their help, I went well beyond our original agreement. We've now been good friends for over 17 years. Besides, he had a band called THE OTHER PEOPLE. A Frank Zappa cover band! My hero. Who could ask for anything more? Especially when I had interacted with Frank on a couple of occasions both at the rock-and-roll station where I was a disc jockey at 19, the AES in my twenties and at NBC, in my thirties. He was a crazy rude schmuck of incredible genius and I was never really able to talk to him. Like anybody else who has any brains from Baltimore, he left.

We all dearly miss him
Ms. Remy Ann David

Thomas W. Bethel Fri, 11/23/2007 - 06:42
Sometimes you can get people to barter for services.

It has been my experience that this is NOT the best way to do things since both sides have expectations that will never come true.

My mastering studio was part of my house and it initially cost me about $10,000 to put up new walls, sound proofing, painting and carpeting. I have a good friend who is a carpenter and he did it with my help, although I am a much better mastering engineer than apprentice carpenter. I have added to my room and built another room and used the same carpenter for all my work. I have known him for 38 years and he is the best of the best. I paid him for all of the work and it was a bargain in the end.

As to raising funds. Banks may or may not be willing to lend you money and it will be based on a good business plan and the availability of clients that are already signed up to do work. You may have to use your house for collateral and with the current economy it may not be the best time to go to the bank for a loan.

The other choice are build as you get money in or try and partner with someone that has a working under utilized facility and pay him or her rent for your part of the space and save up money and then built your own place.

Best of luck!