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is it posible?

ok so maybe a dumb "?" is there a way or software or something that could put the sreen of my korg D16XD on my computer screen? so that I can see better


cfaalm Fri, 12/14/2007 - 01:06
korg D16XD on my computer screen?

There are two ways Korg could make it easy for you:
1. an editor app that runs on your computer
2. a VGA or DVI out to connect a bigger screen

Then if Korg lets you down there are two other options:
3. Then there's another option that requires some investigation and work. I guess an audio/midi sequencer could control a couple of things there if you implement those in a midi device. You would have to look carefully at the midi implementation chart of the D16XD. This however negates some of the standalone character of your machine.

4. A remote MIDI controller might also help to give you some extra dedicated knobs to turn without looking at the screen too muh. I am not sure what you really need. The Bxxringer knob and fader banks are quite OK. I heard some one say: Bxxringer is OK as long as it is not in your signal path ;-)

I see it's a touch screen. I wish my 01v96 had that. I have an editor, though. Looks like we have choose.