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Soundtrack - 828 - level mismatch

I'm using a MOTU 828 to record on Apple Soundtrack Pro, and outputting from the internal card. The Mac is an older G4.

The recording is fine and levels/wavforms look good. However, when playing back, the output is much louder and heavily clips the output meter in Soundtrack. I've looked at all the settings I know of, and they seem simple and correct. There are no effects/plugins/etc that would add another gain stage. Also, I can't tell where the audio would be going back in and doubling itself - and if that were the case, there would be audible delay and/or feedback.

Any clue what is causing this? I think it may be related to the Mac itself since other audio software has inconsistent levels as well.


innergalactic Tue, 12/18/2007 - 15:38
hueseph wrote: It might be a good idea to monitor from the MOTU. Just a thought. I don't think you are hearing what your DAW is recording when you monitor from the onboard sound.

I agree, and would if it were my setup. This is a setup at my new job. I think they simply want to be able to hear all audio from the computer without changing configurations. I plan to experiment and see what happens to the signal if I do use the 828. I just wish it could work the way they want it to.