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USB Hubs

On my old mac if I pluged my iPOD into the USB port on the keyboard, I would get a message that would say something like "not enough power to run device".

I now need a USB Hub for my macbook as I've run out of ports. Is there a certain type of Hub I need to buy to get the best results out of each port? I've seen a nice cheap 4 port at Radioshack for $20 but I don't know if their all the same.


pr0gr4m Wed, 12/26/2007 - 01:52
I use a USB hub with my lappy. My computer has 2 USB's got my iLok and the other my Hub. Into the hub I've got my USB hard drive (that I record audio to) and my mouse. I haven't had any problems with mine over the past few years.

I would highly recommend that you get one that has it's own power source though.