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Anybody seen these knock-offs?

Seriously - they even call the 805D's. How is there not a lawsuit?


bent Tue, 02/12/2008 - 07:58
That is nuts.

Here's a few reviews from their website:

1) Summary:
There are things in life that can't be explained, and things that shouldn't be explained......the TAD 805 is just enigma. This speaker resembles another well know $2500.00 loudspeaker of British make.......sans around $2100.00 of the cost. I ordered direct from the maker, the speaker of course is made in China, which helps to keep costs down........

2) Summary:
I admit, I was paid to say the review


hueseph Tue, 02/12/2008 - 09:29
One more review from someone who seems to know what he's doing:

I purchased these speakers based on their very attractive pricing, and the fact that in the past I purchased a pre-amp, and integrated tube amp from Paul, and have been satisfied with each purchase. I'm sorry to say that these speakers did not work for me. I ran the heck out of them to break them in so I could give them a fair chance, but I could never get comfortable with their sound. I listen at somewhat loud levels and there was a strident quality to their presentation that I could not eliminate. I tried a tube integrated amp, as well as a very smooth sounding solid state amp, but no cigar. I tried several types of speaker wires, still not happy. Now please note that the performance of any component is very system, as well as room dependent, and my not liking their sound could be a problem exclusive to my set up, YMMV. I do have to warn potential buyers to beware because while Paul does give a 21 day home trial, it's going to cost you a bunch of bucks if it does not work out for you. The price is $289.99 + 45.00 shipping + another $45.00 to ship them back, and yet another $45.00 "Re-Stocking fee" so you do the math. One last problem; while they are packed very well, mine still had a blem.