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Printer Ink for Epson R380

I've been using an Epson R380 for labeling small runs of CDs. Very pleased with it for this use. Of course, the downside is the cost of ink which is about the same price as gold dust. For those that are using the Epson, what sources/manufacturers are you using for ink?

(I know this there are some suggestions in older threads, but I thought I'd get fresher info.)


JoeH Tue, 03/18/2008 - 07:22
Bob, try I used to get all of my inks there from them, until recently. As long as their stock is fairly recent, you'll do fine with their generics. VERY affordable, esp in quantity. When you get five or more of each, the price drop is substantial.

A slightly more expensive option is (I can't prove it, but I think their stock is a little newer, in general). They too have the Epson compatibles. I'm pretty sure the R380 is similar to the R320 and R220 models, but of course they have them all listed for you.

Another place I've used in a pinch for Epson generics is: (looks like they've currently got your cartridges on sale for $4.50 each....)

Yeah, I use a lot of these carts; I have two R220's and one R320. (Someday, I may go with an automatic ink refilling system, which would be a LOT cheaper, but it looks too messy & Frankenstein-ish...we'll see, I guess?)

Good luck!