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Ramsa 10 Channel Mixer

Hey everyone,
I have the opportunity to get a Ramsa WR-8210A 10 channel mixer for free. I currently have a firepod running into a Macbook. After doing a quick search I learned that Ramsa mixers are pretty good quality. My question is, what would this mixer allow me to do? It is not a control surface, so I know the faders on the mixer won't affect what has already been recorded, so would it be used just for it's preamps and to EQ the signal before being recorded? It may not even be the most practical route, but I would rather get it for free and use it later then have it be given to Good Will.



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Crankitup Mon, 03/17/2008 - 20:21

I actually just got what I'm assuming is the 20 channel version of that console, and it's a great piece. I'm also using a firepod and what I've done is just use the preamps / eq's on the board and sending them through the firepod's line ins via RCA - 1/4". Seems to work pretty well, and the pres on the ramsa blow away the firepod's.

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FootPrints Tue, 03/18/2008 - 13:00

Crankitup, I'm happy to hear that it has been working for you. Do you know if its possible (and if it is, how I would go about) doing post-production work on the Ramsa? I like the idea of analog control over the EQ and levels rather than doing everything with a mouse.


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southofthetower Sat, 03/29/2008 - 09:19

Using a Ramsa with a DAW

This thread is from a long time ago... But, just in case anyone else is trying to use a Ramsa with a daw and having trouble.. The way I did it is: ran TRS cables (like he said 8) ) from your interface outputs (the individual analog sets on the back of your interface, i'm not sure about the fire pod, but its probably similar, I have a Motu 828) Into the "line in" (not the insertions or, XLR in's) on the Ramsa. Then, another TRS from the Ramsa output to the analog in on your interface (not the preamp input!) Just use your software's bus and input channels, (or routing grid, like pro-tools has) to assign the board channels to the coinciding channels or tracks in you software. This setup allows you to take full advantage of a hybrid setup like this. You can mix through the board using the faders and EQ (just remember to set use a universal gain setting on the bus faders in your software :wink: ) If you want to run an effect on that channel, you can use the effects sends on the board. Or, insert an outboard effects unit (like a compressor) by plugging the TRS cable coming from you interface into the unit (as opposed to the Ramsa) then from out of the unit into the "insertion" on the Ramsa. Whats cool is the insertion is pre-EQ. Which is usually where you would want a compressor or reverb unit. And, you can still use you plug-ins and the pre's on the Ramsa and your interface. Wow. that's a lot of stuff! :lol: These boards are great units and easily modified. That's more than enough to start you off.
Good Luck!

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ChuckIV Mon, 08/29/2011 - 17:52

need help with loud hum on panasonic ramsa audio mixer and m-audio

Hello I'm at my wits end with this thing so I'll give this super old forum a shot ;)

I have several instruments going into the ramsa WR-8210A via rca and then when I connect the ramsa to the m-audio with a rca to 1/4 mono I get a loud hum. If I connect the ramsa to the m-audio using rca to 1/8 stereo it works fine but I cannot separate the channels and I want to use both of the m-audio inputs separately and simultaneously. Any ideas?