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External Hard Drive (Pro Tools 7.4)

I am very new to Pro Tools as of yesterday. I am running Pro Tools LE 7.4 on a new laptop. I am looking for someone that would kindly list out some External Harddtives that I can make a choice from for Recording and Playing Back Audio. I am using a Digidesign 003 Rack Factory. I know that I need 7200 RPM with an NTFS file system for Vista Ultimate.

Could someone let me in on what hard drives would be good choices without going to expensive. I have one firewire port on my laptop which is hooked to the Rack. I have an extra Firwire out of the back of the Rack.

My concerns are there as well, as far as where I hook up the external hard drive.


Member Sun, 04/06/2008 - 15:46
I recently was in the same situation (although more with uncompressed .avi footage), and needed something that could take everything from audio, to video, to photos without issue. I ended up with the Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 500 gigabyte which ran me $120 (a great deal when compared to others). I'm not sure if it has the NTSF file system for Vista Ultimate, but I know it is compatible with Vista and is 7200RPM. You can probably check online to find out everything though. It is connected via USB 2.0, which will leave you with the extra firewire in case you need to plug something else in at the same time. In terms of quality I haven't had any issues with mine, and am very pleased all around. The setup was literally just plugging it in, no cd or patches were needed. I checked on the price, and actually found one going for $110 here: link removed
Best of luck!