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New DYMO Printer for ON CD printing

I just thought you might like to see a new DYMO ON CD printer that was just released. Its uses are endless but for the price it seems like a good thing to have around a mastering studio for printing disks instead of using a magic marker.



Thomas W. Bethel Wed, 04/16/2008 - 13:07
zemlin wrote: Looks cool. The key for me will be cost of operation - how many disks are going to come out of one of those ink cartridges.

I have seen estimates of anything from 100 to 180 disks depending on how much color coverage you decide to put down. If the Ink is $35.00 it will cost somewhere between $.19 and $.35 per disk. Our Microboards costs us about $.20 to $.25 per disk for ink. Be forewarned that it is CMY and no real black cartridge or at least that is what I read on line.

JoeH Wed, 04/16/2008 - 20:24
I've got two Epson 220's and one 320 in my "Printer bay", all on a networked printer server, so all my machines have access to them. I have ink cleaning solution from "" and swabs and solution for cleaning the paper rollers as well. With the shear amount of paper we run through it, it's gotten very cost effective. You can also do print-on-disc, albiet one at a time. I buy inks in bulk (about $5 each) from various places, including, and have a lot of spares on hand.

I just bought a fourth R220 to keep next to my main mix/mastering DAW machine. (Getting tired of getting up and walking over to my printer bay every time I need a disc printed....)

I also finally broke down last year and got an Elite Pro duplication system from Discmakers, with an "HP" printer (in disguise, of course.) Inks aren't cheap regardless of the vendor (including HP stock carts), but I can occasaionlly get good deals from Costco. The on-disc multiple print capabilities are tremendous.

Keeping print costs down is a never-ending battle, and I'm only ahead of the curve as long as I can get cheap replacement inks for the R220 line, and more printers as well. Since Epson long ago discontinued them, I know my time left is limited, but I'm keeping the whole system online for as long as I can. (Zemlin, I may follow your lead at some point and get the continuos ink system(s); it looks a little "Frankenstein", but I"m sure it's VERY cost-effective!)