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Please Help Me With Plug Ins

I have Logic 8 on a macbook. But I also have a lot of plug ins for windows before i got my mac. Does anyone know if I got windows on my mac and installed the plugins would i be able to use them with logic? If not, would i be able to put another program on a pc and take the track i recorded with logic and put it on a pc and use the plug ins that way?


RemyRAD Mon, 07/07/2008 - 04:24
So the idea here is to load Windows XP, 32-bit onto your Mac. In a strange twist of events, you have 3 different ways you can load & run Windows on your Mac. Only you can decide what best suits your needs. So you'll have to search for it in the procedures available.

So it comes down to render a little here. Render a little there. And voilà! You are in like Flint.

So then you get a PC-based program that accepts your plug-ins. Depending on how you load Windows, you can actually have both Logic & something on Windows i.e. Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas, Q. base, etc. running simultaneously. You can import your audio into your PC program, from Logic. Process/render what you want with those plug-ins and port back to Logic. I forget where I read about doing exactly that with the 3 different choices of how to run Windows on a Macintosh.

I'm sure someone else here will further clue you in? You're there man.
Ms. Remy Ann David