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What Do You Think Of My PA?

I just picked up a Crown XLS 202D power amp and (2) Yamaha BR15's. Ive only got to use the setup (in conjuction with my Yamaha MG166CX mixer) once, and it sounded pretty good for my acoustic needs. However, I wanted to make sure I am hooking them up correctly, and the best way to get the most power, safely.

I ran each speaker on separate channels, and it seemed fine. But is there a better way I can use this setup to gain more power? This kind of setup is new to me, as I'm used to a simple mixer/amp combo deal.

The Amp
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The Speakers
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Also, I have a cheapo Nady monitor I would like to use and I'm trying to decide whether I should just go ahead and buy another power amp solely for monitoring or if there is a way I can incorporate it with my current setup. If I should get another power amp, what should I be looking for as far as output to get me where I need to be?

The Monitor
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Thanks in advance guys!


Boswell Thu, 07/24/2008 - 04:31
Just run the BR15s from the L and R outputs of the Crown. You won't gain much by considering other fancy arrangements. Make sure your speaker cables are heavy duty.

Don't attempt to put the Nady monitor on the same amp outputs as the main loudspeakers. Get a separate amp (150W or so) for it and run that from the monitor output on your mixer.