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headphone distribution from mixer

for general playing and recording I prefer to use headphones. I like to have multiple pairs available so whatever I'm playing (my drumset is pretty far from my computer) I have a pair right there and anyone else that comes over has a pair to use too.

I have a PreSonus HP4 and I'm convinced it's a piece of sh*t.

I have 2 things to deal with. How to best hook up a headphone distribution piece to my mixer (onyx 1640), and which one to buy, I spend a lot of time in the headphones so quality is important to me.

alright, so is it better to run a headphone distribution amp through the headphone out or through the control outs? I'm guessing the headphone out. I want to hook my powered monitors directly to the cntrl room out, so that really just leaves me with the headphone out, and anyway I think the headphone volume should be controlled differently than the control room volume anyway.

can anyone recommend me a good headphone distribution piece?

my first instincts from browsing sweetwater are

ART HeadAmp6Pro
Furman HA6-AB
Rane HC 6

anyone have experience with any of these? or other suggestions in the sub $500 price range?

thanks guys