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Upgrading My Studio - Need Reccomendations

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Here is my current setup.

Digi 001
ADAT Optical interface (for 8 more channels)
Mackie 24x8 Console

My main issue is the 001 is outdated and I cant upgrade PT LE past 6.4 and I can't use any newer plugins.

I want to upgrade to the 003 but I am debating which path to take. I could upgrade to the bundle that comes with the console and then sell the mackie, but i would need to purchase 12 more preamps.

I could also just get the rack unit and keep the mackie.

I personally think the Mackie is overkill since I am really only using it for the preamps.

this prob won't work out, but I want to sell the 001 and Mackie and use that money to buy the 003 and the preamps. However, I dont see me getting enough to cover the cost of a new 003 and the preamps. I may sell some guitars etc to make up some money.

so i guess what I am asking is, i need 12 relatively inexpensive preamps, preferably something in a rack unit.

(quite a lovely train of though is it not?) haha


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hueseph Mon, 09/29/2008 - 07:50
No cheap answer for that one. Digi should still be accepting the 001 on the hardware upgrade program. You'll probably get better value for it that way than if you sell it on craigslist or Ebay.

If you get the 003 console, you get 4 mic pres and a control surface which is nice.

As far as Preamps are concerned, the cheapest 8 channel pre you could probably get is the Focusrite Octopre.

Incidentally, the Digi001 supports up to 6.9. You can download the upgrade for free from the site.