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Classic question..Which One SM57 or SM58.

Nowadays I will buy a SM57 or SM58. But I am really stuck which one to buy...

I want to record pianos, ( not grand piano just a home piano ). acoustic guitars, distorted guitars and vocals. But my primary need is piano and acoustic guitars. I am afraid that SM57 wouldnt be able to capture all sounds in piano because its directional and it might not be able to get very high or low integers.

So what would you suggest me to do. Which one of them is the middle one

Thanks a lot.



lostindundee Sun, 10/05/2008 - 16:51
Greener wrote: You can record a good acoustic guitar with a logitec usb mic. But can you make a good recording of an acoustic guitar with this mic?

I dunno what you're on about. They are the same mic.

You may want an LDC matched pair to get a good stereo recording.

That's on the money.

A good ear for what sounds good and a degree of experimentation is required.

I doubt you'll be unhappy with an sm57 on your accoustic guitar. Or an SM58 for that matter. Greener is correct in that the sm58 is traditionally a vocal mic whereas the sm57 gets used for micing instruments, drums and speakers. However, the sm57 does get used by lots of peeps for vocals. There are no rules in what sounds good or bad, just opinions.

Why not buy both if your budget can stretch to it? :) And even try the stereo thing with an XY mic placement. You'll probably find that you'll be glad of 2 very good but relatively inexpensive mics at somepoint in future.

Lots of folks do favour the stereo matched pairs of LCDs for Accoustic Guitars and Piano. I haven't tried either though so I couldn't comment.

Wait for Remy's reply too. :wink: