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Im buying an interface and have some questions.

I have decided to start out buying the PreSonus Firestudio interface for my home recording setup. Its cheap I heard it works great and its easy to use, which is awesome since Im a beginner. My plan is to start simple, figure out the basics and then upgrade accordingly as I learn more. Right now however I have a couple questions that need to be answered before I go spend $400. If anyone could answer any of these questions I would be greatly appreciative.

Just so everyone knows I have a MacBook Pro 2GB RAM running Logic Pro 8.

1. I heard that this interface comes with recording software. I know I probably need to install the drivers for the interface but since I am running Logic Pro would I have to install the PreSonus recording software?

2. Is this interface easy to hook up? Is it basically like plug and play or am I going to have trouble setting it up?

3. Is it going to be compatible with my computer and software?

4. if and when I get this interface up and running are the 8 inputs going to show up on my software on separate tracks or am I going to have to set some preferences in Logic Pro?

I am new to this whole thing so any answers would be awesome. Like I said I just want to get something fairly cheap so I can start recording small things to learn my software and be at a good level before upgrading. Thanks!



RemyRAD Fri, 10/10/2008 - 09:06
Many hardware & software manufacturers have specific computer requirements & set up suggestions. Most compatibility questions can be had from the manufacturers themselves.

The product you're looking at is a good one. Unfortunately, one is rather limited with only a pair of microphone inputs. If you want to enjoy wasting $400 instead of 600 to $800, with an interface that has 8 microphone inputs? Go ahead. When I was only 14, I had already discovered 2 microphone inputs wasn't enough. That was 41 years ago! And a Mac Book Pro is certainly not an entry-level laptop and neither is Logic Pro software. Do the math. Save your paper route money & weekly allowance for taking out the trash, a couple more weeks and buy yourself a more capable interface.

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Ms. Remy Ann David

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 10/10/2008 - 15:00
First off thank you very much for your advice it helped a lot believe it or not. I have been looking at a couple different interfaces like the MOTU 8pre and different things like that. I also went to guitar center today to ask the guys and they said the firestudio is a good buy especially because if I wanted to upgrade all I would have to do is buy a firestudio project which would add another 8 inputs to my setup. But if you dont mind what would you suggest I look into and research? Im really trying to do my homework and make the right choice lol!!! Thanks again and I hope to hear from you again.


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 10/17/2008 - 01:35
If you buy the firestudio 26, you can add additional channels through the adat connections. The firestudio project is another interface, you cannot daisy chain any of the firestudio line interfaces. So if you bought the firestudio 26 and you wanted to expand to more channels, you would buy an eight channel preamp that has adat connectivity. Products like that include the any of the digimax's, the focusrtite octopre, and the mackie onyx, as well as some others.