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Please help! Sound driver annoyances

I've been having problems for a while with my M-Audio Fast Track Pro Interface. Most of the time i can get it to work, and other times it wont allow me to use it. When i go into the Cubase control panel to select the master driver "M-Audio USB ASIO", ill get a popup saying "Audio Engine Error: Could not activate ASIO Driver M-Audio USB ASIO". Sometimes if i just turn the interface off and on again it'll work like normal, other times it just wont work for days. I'm pretty new with computer based recording, but this problem really is starting to make me want to throw the whole thing away as i've been trying to work it out for months. If you can help me, you'll be my new favourite person.


Jeemy Fri, 10/31/2008 - 00:21
Mac or PC? Disabling your internal sound card may help.

This one could be pretty system-specific, and might just be a result of trial and error.

I picked up this link for you from googling your request:

Which has a suggestion of things you can do to try & improve performance of the fast track.

Also make sure you have latest drivers, system software, disable other extensions, a lot of it is mac/pc specific so please state which.