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The 2021 Let It Be Edition - Superb mixed and mastered

Produced by Giles Martin - the son of the famous George Martin - the 2021 Let It Be is superb! 

Listened to it tonight, and as a true Beatles fan, I really enjoyed it, just like Abbey Road a while ago.

On this album it is obvious, how limited they where technically back then. You can hear the freshness on this one, as well as all the details.

I would encourage everyone I can reach out to, to listen to this version, even more fun if you know the older versions well, and find out what changed. In my opinion not the essence of the album, but it is more lovely to listen, and so much more clear and detailed.

I'm really interested what you guys and girls think about it.


audiokid Mon, 10/18/2021 - 14:40

Bummer. looks like they pulled the video in my country.

I suspect this was the new mix you were referring to. It sounded excellent. The vocals are more upfront, the piano sounds better and how I would want it to sound "today".

The 2021 overall mix sounds much better to me. However, sounding better definitely sounds like 2021 as apposed to less nostalgic "1970's.

miyaru Mon, 10/18/2021 - 16:38

Yeah, it down here too in The Netherlands......

I think the new mix is indeed more upfront. As for dynamics: they used different compression, but surely not overdone.

The sound is surely 2021, and I like it!!!!

For historic reasons it is good to have the old vinyl, it's very good too. But the addition of the new mix is welcome to me.