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Newbie with some speaker questions

I recently purchased an inexpensive little set up to practice and do some recording in a small room in my home. I have a Pyle Pro PTA1000 dual channel stereo amp. Each channel runs to one Pyle Pro padh1269 600WATT speaker in a standard single left and right configuration. The speakers are hooked up to the amp via a big gauge Speakon cable. The amp is hooked to a 7 channel Behringer, cheap, little mixer through a dual TRS cable. This mixer, amp, and speaker set up is used for our keyboard, synth, and computer monitoring and practice. It all sounded great for about 4 days then the Sub-woofers began to rattle and sound blown. I keep the volume and trim levels low, its a small room for practice so we don't need to get too crazy with it. The amp, mixer, and most the instruments have clipping LEDs and we stayed well away from clipping on any of these. The amp is supposed to be 2x250 Watts per channel, and the speakers are supposed to be 600 Watts. I'm really new to all this but I think I have everything hooked up right. I was pretty surprised that the speakers seemed to blow so quickly and easily. The speakers are under warranty, but the warranty states that its $30 each way for shipping per speaker, which is nearly what I paid for them. Also I'm not sure if they blew because of something I'm doing, or maybe some factory defect, or if they are just cheap speakers that blow easy. I've read some reviews on the speakers and they seem to work pretty good for other people. I was happy with them before they blew, sounded pretty good for the price. My concern is if I replace my blown ones with the same it just going to happen again. Also the box, connectors, and horns are holding up nicely...maybe its better to just replace the Sub. If I do this, how do i ensure they are compatible, and do I need higher wattage or wider dB range on the sub? Any recommendations on cheap 12" drivers/subs that would suit my needs here? Please help if you can, I'd love some input on any of this


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Boswell Fri, 12/23/2011 - 03:03

Pyle of Watt? Those boxes that are sold as loudspeakers have a rating of 255W rms and 8 Ohm. The 1000W amplifier is rated at 250W per channel into 8 Ohm. Perfect match.

I wouldn't pour good money after bad - it was a relatively cheap lesson. Bad luck.

Tone-deaf-luck Fri, 12/23/2011 - 13:47

Thanks for the reply, and yeah that is what I thought. 250W RMS into 255W RMS speakers should be fine...especially since we never even turned anything past 5/halfway up. Also like the Pyle of Watt joke! Any ideas for my next move? I don't have much to invest in this project, and I'm not really expecting much from the system. Just something for my son and I to practice on, temporarily. We may get a new house in the future and we want to expand the studio then. But if I get Pyle to replace the driver, I fear the new ones will blow too. I'd like to find another 12" to drop in the box, maybe something nicer that would limp us along with the current set up. But not much nicer, just something that holds up better than what Pyle's low enders do.