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Most Influential Artists

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Well, along the lines of a couple of other posts here (like Don's "top 3 recordings"), I'd be interested in starting a post on the "Most Influential Artists" of our era.

These do not need to be the most talented artists, have the best recordings, or you don't even need to "like" them, but let's list those artists that we feel have broken new ground rather than follow along with the crowd.

I will get us started, but realize that my background is on the Rock side, so I am biased in that direction. I'm sure I could think of many more if I put my mind to it, but here are just a few to get us going:

  • Elvis (obviously)
  • B.B. King
  • Beatles - Sgt. Pepper and others...
  • Jimi Hendrix - definitely unique!
  • Black Sabbath - Started a whole new genre of heavy metal)
  • Edgar Winter - "They only come out at night" with "Frankenstein" (great keyboards)
  • Boston - "That guitar sound"
  • Van Halen - When I first heard "Eruption", I was totally blown away..."Who is this guy playing that guitar?"class="xf-ul">
    There are tons more that spring to mind here that are legends, such as Cream, Rush, The Who (Tommy), the Stones, Yes, etc. Some of these certainly qualify for "The List", but remember, just because they are "legends" doesn't *necessarily* mean they broke new ground...

    Let's hear your comments!
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    Tommy P. Mon, 02/17/2003 - 12:27
    All my parents 45's: Sinatra, Bing Crosby,

    Beatles/Beach Boys/Four Seasons

    All the Greaser stuff

    All the Motown stuff

    Got me a geetar then:

    Blackmore, Gillmore, Allman, Page, Beck, Roads

    John Mclaughlin

    Julian Bream

    Miles Davis

    Dick Dale

    Roy Buchanan

    Chet Atkins


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    Member Mon, 02/17/2003 - 14:36
    Music: Beatles, Deep Purple, Genesis( with Peter Gabriel), Ambrosia,10 cc, Paul Simon, Dalbello, Radiohead...
    Guitar: Wishbone Ash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jay Graydon, Jonny Winter, Robert Fripp.
    Vocals: Lennon, Robert Plant, Maggie Bell, K.D Lang, Peter Gabriel, EmmyLou Harris, John Fogerty.
    BG vocals: Queen, Beach Boys, Ambrosia,Beatles.
    Bass: McCartney, Flea, Chris Squire, Larry Graham, Tony Levin.
    Drums: John Bonham, Jeff Porcaro, Ringo, Steve Gadd.
    Producer:George Martin, Daniel Lanois, ABBA, Brian Eno... Alan Parsons.