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Top 3 Best Built-In Plugins (and why?)

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1) AM|Munition - the best plugin of the world for mastering! There is no similar to this powerful tool! You can search but you will not find!

2) EQ116 - equalizers are essential both for mixing and for mastering, and this equalizer has enough filters to not disappoint anyone. The Linear phase is a feature that alone puts this plugin ahead of many commercial competitors.

3) Multiband Dynamics - powerful tool able to replace an equalizer. Used well, it delivers crystal clear sound.

And you? Share your opinion here. :)


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audiokid Tue, 05/05/2015 - 08:03
I've owned Bricasti, Eventide and Lexicon hardware. Eventide has a unique sound unlike others, like the Blackhole effect I that I love and basically only use it for that effect. I love the effect to create depth in a mix but it like most reverbs can smear a stereo mix.
I did a comparison to VariVerb last year and find the others are so close enough in actual "reverb" processing that I sold both Bricasti's. I do miss a few other aspects of Bricasti ( its incredibly real...) but as far as a reverb imaging, VariVerb is all I need. It doesn't smear the image which is why Bricasti's are so awesome. This is why Samplitude is so powerful. The processing doesn't smear like other plugs seem to do.

I did a shootout with a Bricasti vs VarVerb on my mastering DAW and I was so astonished, I put both Bricasti M7 up for sale. The imaging and reverb effect I was going for was actually better on the VarVerb.

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DonnyThompson Wed, 05/06/2015 - 04:50
See, this is why it becomes a personal preference thing. Personally, I don't think that Variverb sounds nearly as good as a Bricasti. And again, I'm not trying to imply that Variverb is unusable. I think it's about par for the course with most stock reverbs I've heard. But I don't like it nearly as much as Bricasti, or Eventide or TC electronics verbs. Im sure it depends greatly on the song/production.
The one thing I can say is that I'm no longer using multiple verbs anymore. I'm getting much nicer space and depth... And ultimately better definition too, by using one reverb And then Adjusting the amount of send to that reverb by setting the send level to the aux per track.

Sorry for any typos. I'm on my iPhone. ;)

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DonnyThompson Sun, 05/03/2015 - 23:27
I don't use much multi band compression, but I won't disagree with you that both Ammunition and 116 are great processors. The one thing in particular about AM thta I really liked was the MS processing feature. Chris turned me onto this shortly after I switched from Sonar to Samp. It's awesome to be able to adjust the parameters of gain reduction independently, including an HPF....
That being said, these are stock and indigenous to Samplitude/Sequoia only, so anyone who is not using either of those platforms wouldn't be able to use them on their DAW, as they aren't third party.

Although, I have learned since that T-Racks also offers MS with about 90 % of their plugs as well. So like Ammunition, you can use T-Racks processors in MS mode, like their 1176 and LA2, in the same way, along with most of their EQ's and channel strip emulations, too.

I have a few other favorites if I'm looking to impart color. T-Racks Neve 1073/1081 channel strip is good for adding an analogy texture. I also like the T-Racks CS Hall Reverb - which is a lush and rich sounding reverb.
Reverb processing is about the only thing that I think is weak about Samp - and it's not that I think they are terrible, it's just that there are others, like the above, that I like better. But, that's also a personal preference thing , too.

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DigitaLWizarD Mon, 05/04/2015 - 06:56
DonnyThompson, post: 428702, member: 46114 wrote: That being said, these are stock and indigenous to Samplitude/Sequoia only, so anyone who is not using either of those platforms wouldn't be able to use them on their DAW, as they aren't third party.

Analogue Modelling Suite Plus includes a high-quality analog compressor (am-track) with optional simulation of studio tape machine saturation effects, a transient designer (am-pulse) for influencing the signal envelope of percussive audio material, a tube pre-amp/channel strip (am-phibia), plus a mastering dynamics tool (am|munition) with compressor, limiter, clipper and M/S editing.

The package can be downloaded, tested and purchased separately, as a third-party, [=""]here[/]="…"]here[/].

In the same way, other plugins can be found [[url=http://="…"]here[/]="…"]here[/]! :)

Just curious about your opinion on reverb, what's wrong with [[url=http://[/URL]="…"]VariVerb Pro[/]="…"]VariVerb Pro[/]?

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DonnyThompson Tue, 05/05/2015 - 03:45

Just curious about your opinion on reverb, what's wrong with [[url=http://[/URL wrote: ="…"]VariVerb Pro[/]="…"]VariVerb Pro[/]

I'm very familiar with the other processors you mentioned and I agree that they are very good.

There's nothing "wrong" with Variverb, I didn't mean to give that impression.
There are just others that I like better in terms of how they sound. I guess if I had to nail down a description, Variverb sounds "colder" to me than others I've used. Again... Nothing wrong with it. It's just a personal preference thing I guess.

Ps .. Sorry for any typos,I'm on a fishing trip and am using my cell phone to post lol.