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"crackling" in certain systems?


Hey all. I'm new to the board, so help me fit in :)
After I've completed my music and I put it in my cd player, it sounds perfect everywhere I've heard it so far, but I'm getting some "crackling" when I played it in my car through a portable cd player. :mad: I was wondering perhaps if anyone could perhaps give me a little advice as to how to clean that up? It has to be something dealing with the frequency of the signal. Maybe my car stereo just doesn't want to accept this signal. Or perhaps it's the portable cd player I have hooked up to it? But even then shouldn't that not matter? I have Cool Edit Pro 1.2a and WaveLab v4.0. I have Cubase too, but for some reason that's not working right. It's speeding up my waves in playback. So I'm down to just CEP and WaveLab. Any suggestions?



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Michael Fossenkemper Sat, 03/22/2003 - 15:19

hmmm, my first question is why the playback is speeding up? I would check your sampling rate to make sure the files are 44.1 and the software is set to same. Your portable could be having trouble reading a CDR. Cheaper players can have problems reading CDR's. Try a different brand with a different dye CDR and see if that makes a difference.