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cranesong ibis, ear825q,milennia media nseq 2

hi guys!

i am thinking about new eq for my studio, these are my top choices- any thoughts? tnx in advance,



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gawlowski Thu, 03/11/2004 - 21:53

Hi random logic,
What kind of sound are you looking for?
All three mentioned sound completely different.
I have Millennia NSEQ-2.Very good EQ,rather on the sweet side,a little hard sounding to me,but in a good way.It also has two modes:Tube and Solid State.It's a perfect alternative to my Manley Massive Passive because it's the opposite.
Great EQ.

Jacek Gawlowski
JG Master Lab

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OTRjkl Fri, 03/12/2004 - 12:32

Although I can't say from experience, I've heard from very reliable sources that the Ibis is the most transparent of the 3 with the added ability to color if needed...

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random logic Sun, 03/14/2004 - 06:10

i am looking for eq which will be suitable for mastering and single instrument processing. i tried only ear825q at nautilus mastering in milano and i liked it very much []]. . nseq2 and especially ibis offer more sound options i guess. now i use amek 9098 and orban 672a for eq and i want to go a step higher . it is difficult to decide which is best for me as i can not try them in my studio. any more opinions? tnx in advance,