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The new forum. Is it really hard to navigate? Or just me

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What am I doing wrong, in the recent topics I click on something marked 8 hours since last comment but discover it’s an ancient  18 yr old topic with no new posts? Yesterday I also got sticking in a kind of text only version of the forum and couldn’t get back to normal. Adding posts seems to put them in funny places sometimes. I’m sure it’s me, but is there a guide anywhere that explains things. There was a post yesterday about a brilliant new function but I simply didn’t understand what links are for or what to use them for. I feel like I ought to understand, but for me the old forum worked better. I know it’s me and I know how much effort has gone into this, but common things are not near the top and you need to really spend time searching stuff out. The old forum you could simply hit new posts, and look at the first few lines then go to them. Now I have to scroll down to find recent posts because the page I’m starting on has it right at the bottom, out of view. Then you get the list, the you look at the recent ones, go to them and nothing new is there? What am I doing wrong?

so far, I really don’t like it I am afraid. I’m sure it’s just me, but out of the forums I use, this is now my least favourite. As I type, recorderman’s drum micing post is to the left. Why?


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audiokid Fri, 04/23/2021 - 01:23

You aren't alone, Paul. It has been confusing!

It's been extremely challenging migrating our old forum to here while configuring it all in real time, live. I wish I would have been able to do more on a test site before it went live but I simply couldn't because I needed both forums to be running to configure it all.

The posts you are seeing are due to me working on them for various reasons. Without going into depth as to why, when I work on something it puts it as a "current" post, then...  you see it and think, hey... here's a new post, later to find its 15 years ago.

I've been able to clean up old data that has been plaguing us for years. Organizing stuff with code errors that cause good search bots to drop indexing all the time. I've now been able to fix this stuff which is a really good thing. 

All being said, we are nearing the home stretch and all I can say is I hope you stick with me. The older forum was definitely easier to navigate but this will be too, in a different way though. This software is cutting edge designed to manage content in ways each member can build their own forum within the forum/ community.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and frustrations. It will get better.

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Audiogirl Fri, 04/23/2021 - 03:59

Hi gang. My name is Rose and I have been giving Chris a hand with simplifying the menu so it's easier for the members to navigate. We changed it a bit and also added a few features that are similar to the old forum to help. Most of the older posts that keep popping up should be fixed by the weekend so after that new content should be just that, "new".  The platform has an awesome search engine and not to mention it gives members the ability to create and manage their own content. It also gives RECORDING.ORG the ability to grow.

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Kurt Foster Fri, 04/23/2021 - 13:22

i wasn't clear i guess. my bad.

when i click on a thread, instead of it going to the last post it goes to the top (1st post) of the thread. then i have to scroll down to read the last new post. also missing spell check.

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paulears Sun, 04/25/2021 - 14:53

It's still bringing up loads of topics that make no sense? In today's topics, for instance are topics that  have not had a post for years? Oddly one was a post where I had made the last comment in 2019.  How can this be flagged as a post from today - when it clearly isn't?


Something is definitely not right.


This is the current list:

Popular content



Some have been dead for years? Could this just be my view? Do others get a different and accurate list? In current topics, the newest topic is  three days back. 

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audiokid Sun, 04/25/2021 - 15:03

The site appears to be blazing along now. YAY!

Generally speaking, please be aware that we are migrating 40 thousand topics/ 285 thousand comments that are updating members profile history. Those are all going to appear as new because they are new to this platform. :).

BUT... if you simply look at the current topics links (now added to the menu) they are accurate and in a time line of creation.

The site is now populating threads and comments in an order.

Make sure you refresh your browser as well.

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Davedog Mon, 04/26/2021 - 07:15

Sorry. I just don't get it. The log in has changed and now I have to log in each time. First it wanted my email and password and then my user name and password. And then I seem to have become persona non grata with most of my posts gone.  

 I really hope it's better for you guys. I appreciate the effort and reasoning. It's just not working for me. Love to you all. Peace.

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audiokid Mon, 04/26/2021 - 10:36

In reply to by Davedog

Hi Dave, I believe I've fixed having to re login. There are some bugs. All your posts are here. Why do you think they are not?

The new site is blazing on my end. Being said though... I’m still working on it as we move forward. I’ve unfortunately had to restore it a few times which effected logins but once it’s stable, these issues should be over. 

It is mobile friendly and full of awesome features. Its just in its infancy but in constant development.

To hopefully add some confidence as to why I made this move... this platform is used by some of the largest websites in the world. We aren’t going back to yesteryear. 

The search engine is miles ahead of standard forums which is a huge part of what I have in store for us.🔗

I hope those frustrated get used to it. Old forums are dead end platforms. It took a lot to get us out of the dead  and into the new way to connect data. We are finally once again on the cutting edge with this CMS!

Thank you for your comments, I am listening! 

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audiokid Mon, 04/26/2021 - 15:08

You guys with studios can now show off what you do in your studio, business, service etc etc here. You can use this site to connect to people all around the world just by creating a page and having that page connect to your forum profile.

 Its free and ready to start. Create a page and see what happens. Experiment, have fun!

Musicians, studios, even dealers or manufacturer can post anything they like to engage people. Its all built around the forums.  You guys that want more business,  now is your opportunity to expand your studio. As people use this, we will build it.


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audiokid Mon, 04/26/2021 - 21:27

In reply to by kmetal

Hey Kyle, 👍🏼

Is that under the "add content" category in the menu? do we create the page with tools here, or do we create it in Adobe or xara designer (in my case)? 

Yes, choose the category and go for it. Upload images and organize the layout how you wish. If you need help, just ask!


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audiokid Tue, 04/27/2021 - 00:07

In reply to by Davedog

Davedog wrote:

Sorry. I just don't get it. The log in has changed and now I have to log in each time. First it wanted my email and password and then my user name and password. And then I seem to have become persona non grata with most of my posts gone.  

 I really hope it's better for you guys. I appreciate the effort and reasoning. It's just not working for me. Love to you all.

After 21 years paying out of my own pocket so you all can have a place like this to learn and share and this is the best you can do to say thank you. Peace out....really.... :(

I am not surprised to hear some frustration (it’s been a massive project to transfer the community to this awesome platform) but to toss me under the bus because you have to login a few times while we work through some bugs 👶 ...  omg...

I will carry on with or without those who feel so put out...