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Best DJ software?

In your opinion what is the best DJ software? Anyone try any DJ software out there for windows XP? I want to try some out, but want to know some advanced really good DJ mixing software you can do live shows, DJ mixes, quick mixes, just about any kind of DJ/live mixes. I would like if the software can work with my exisiting mixer. I have a berhinger VMX300.
thanks peeps!


saemskin Fri, 04/28/2006 - 08:14

There is no best for anything, anywhere, ever.
Opinions are all that exist, and whether or not you believe them.

mjatas Sat, 11/11/2006 - 18:09

I guess I prefer cd player mixing live for my mobile disc jockey. How do they do live performances? Any good software for live performance mp3? But some kinda software I can control with 2 hands like a working on a cd player and mixer. I don't like using the mouse function. Is there a way to do it?

phazerpowerlazer Sat, 11/04/2006 - 02:38

dont listen to these guys the best program hands down is serrato look into it