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  • My blog ✅
  • My studio ✅
  • Autocompletion content linking ✅
  • Audio and video support ✅
  • Improving the search engine ✅
  • Improving upon and adding additional features to the members dashboard
  • Improving site wide navigation and dedicated blocks to regions✅
  • Implementing a Tutorial section (how to record a piano, Audio Electronics Tutorials etc) Let me know if you are interested being part of our community tutorials!
  • Adding a Group module see: ✅…
  • Backend optimization ✅
  • New server ✅


audiokid Tue, 05/11/2021 - 09:47

In reply to by Kurt Foster

Good to hear, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kurt. This version of Drupal has years of development behind. Rather than having old features I knew would eventually need to be ported over to this version (MORE PROBLEMS yikes... ) I made the choice of jumping onto Drupal 9 and having to wait for developers to catch up. There are many new things coming! I'm very excited about the future.


Link555 Fri, 05/14/2021 - 11:40

Its really starting to come together!

Any plans to add some form of indicator about new posts on your topics of blogs? also please add the spell checker!

One thing I really liked about the old forum was the ability to past images from your clipboard directly.  This one forces you to point to a file.

audiokid Fri, 05/14/2021 - 15:04

In reply to by Link555


The current post indicator adds "flags"  but they're not the most obvious format. I also have a feeling I may be removing indicators by accident while I'm sorting out page structure and all this data to organize. I'm beginning to settle down on so much changing things around.

The spell checker (with a desktop) is only active when clicking on the source button. With iphone, android etc, spell check is part of the mobile device. Being said, I suspect a spell check will be added to the editor in a future update.

Regarding images, there is a dedicated media module that I haven't enabled which stores and helps users sort media content. Great for keeping track of everything.

But the user editor has an excellent image upload already which places images in the post exactly where you want them. Once you get used to it I think you'll like it. It makes building web pages so easy. There are many options within the editor for posting videos, images, files etc. The old forum couldn't come close to what we can do here, but it's a learning curve to do it as well.

audiokid Sat, 05/15/2021 - 01:30

In reply to by Trashjive

Trashjive wrote:



This morning i received 3 e-mail messages regarding a new comment, but the links all went to your site with a >>Page not found<< header.

So what is that?

My apologies to those who received (hopefully only a few) emails today.

While updating the forum platform (to improve our mail system) I did an email test which unintentionally sent members links to test posts that had nothing in them.

It was quite the surprise seeing a few thousand emails sent out! I suspect I got the emails system working lol!

Glad you showed up though and took the time to ask but again, my apologies for the mistake.


audiokid Tue, 06/15/2021 - 20:55

In reply to by Link555

Link555 wrote: One thing I really liked about the old forum was the ability to past images from your clipboard directly. This one forces you to point to a file.

The best thing members can do when adding content is to name their content well. This includes any file with the option to name! Adding tags and titles to images, videos is a really good thing to do!

You can still point to a file but not as many at once. This helps name your content, that will benefit everyone in the long run. The difference between this and the past multi upload is taking steps to better organize everything better. Especially if a member (all of us) wants our content to be found and organized better.


paulears Sun, 06/27/2021 - 01:19

There been huge amounts of work done on the new forum, but today convinced me that I truly hate it. It’s totally impossible to believe the right hand side titles. Today’s posts gave me 2009 topics and finding real current topics is virtually impossible. To even find the forum sections is crazily difficult as there is no hierarchical menu, I had to wait till I saw a CMS topic in popular that I could even get to it. Finding real new posts is impossible. The right hand side menus suggest that posts are active and they’re ancient! One was 2004 today. The old forum was nice, Easy to navigate and simple. You could navigate and find things easily. The new forum looks good but now you spend all your time swiping and hunting. I have tried and tried but it’s just so easy to miss newcomers asking for help now, because current, active, new, and today’s posts simply are not. I’ve just noticed a new entry. I’ll go and see what it is. Something must be broken, it cannot be this hard to make the thing work. Paul

paulears Sun, 06/27/2021 - 01:24

Couldn’t edit the post, but the new post in the right hand section was ….. 2014! It appeared in the list this morning. Why? There is no post in that topic today?

A forum that doesn’t have one permanent button to see posts made that are truly new is a very strange thing. Sorry for the complaint, I know huge amounts of time, effort and money have gone into it, but if people cannot even fix typos with an edit button that’s crazy. Many forums allow editing for an hour or two then they lock. I really hate it now. Sorry.