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Advice combining recording studio with home music system

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My old Harmon Kardon 430 receiver and B.I.C. home stereo speakers from the '70s are really on their last legs. Now I'm sitting here wondering if it would be sensible to connect my home CD player, cable radio, and turntable in any known way to the rest of my studio gear - mixer, amp, live sound monitors. I know that my near-field monitors would not be my main listening speakers.

Can anyone suggest if they have melded all of their studio and general music entertainment into one comprehensive system?

...oh, and how you'd go about doing it! Thank you. :)


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Member Tue, 04/15/2003 - 20:15
I tried. It is an easy hookup.

But don't do it. !!!!

Hi-fi gear is designed to sound good.
Studio gear is designed to accurately
reproduce the sound that you record.

You can probably make OK use of your old amp,
altho the tuner and other parts will never
be used. The speakers have no business
in a studio. Leave them in the living
room. I know, I learned the hard way.