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alright - here's the situation. doing some recordings in a live environment, and a couple of the mic's i'm using seem to be picking up a bit of the room "hiss" from the ventalition system, etc. since this is a public venue - i cannot turn off the ventalation system.

'm wondering if you guys think that putting the windscreens on my nt5's will help with the problem or cause more loss of signal and make it more trouble than it helps. thanks!
scott sends . . .


robchittum Thu, 10/09/2003 - 08:04

Get you some air filters and cover the vents - maybe that would knock some of the hiss down. I don't think windscreens would help the problem. Good luck. The other is to turn the air off while recording - a pain, but may be worth it.


white swan Thu, 10/09/2003 - 18:34

A windscreen won't do much. Remember that sound doesn't go around corners very well, so if you put something big and absorbent between the mic and the air vent, it should cut down quite a bit of the hiss. If nothing else, try a moving blanket draped over an extended boom stand.