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Set up " Live " template for Sam 7

Hi ,
Hope someone can point out a few tips to make this work right

Goal, set up a few " Live monitor" templates in Sam 7 with my UAD 1

one vocal track, one guitar track,

I'd like to sing live, monitor the affects and feed that to my other pc, for Live singing,,

P4 ,, 3.0 PC, RME HSDP 9652, and ADI 8 pros DS

is it better to use effects as insets in this case or bus them,,

would like to compress guitar and vox, little reverb and some EQ I guess,

i guess I could also set up different scenes for faster tempo songs, or even have some songs set up with guitar effects etc,,,

I'm not worrying about changing any effrcts on the fly in a song, just a song set up,

sorry , lol I know the idea is to record , but I hope to be able to use my DAW and have a nice sound set up, so i can either , sing live or record concept songs

appreciate any ideas on doing this properly



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Sanity Inn Mon, 12/22/2003 - 05:11


because the question was to set up a " Live" performance session,

if I were going to record, I'd track one at a time,

anyone else care to try ?