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API 3124-m vs 3124-m+

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hello, Jon got some great API answeres here as of late I felt I should take a stab at one I have..

looking at picking up a used 3124-M, does anyone know what the differences are between it and it's newer model, the "plus"?

mainly intersted in the sound being the same...



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Guest Mon, 11/12/2001 - 13:25

"With the re-design of the 3124 and the 3124M, we brought the phantom power switch to the front, added a polarity switch, added a transformer balanced stereo output option, added a little color, then Jeff wanted to call them the 3124 Plus and the 3124M Plus. ..So, be it...The circuit is still the original 312 mic pre-amp card, with all of the stuff hooked up for you. ..Many have tried to copy it, but it still wins the shoot outs!!!"

I see little to stop you buying it especialy if it's a bargain

Go get it!