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Drawmer 1968, 1961, eq2nv and Mastering

Has anyone had a chance to use the 1968 for project studio mastering? How about the 1961 as well. And How about using them together?

How about the 1961 compared to the eq2nv?

What would be the best compressor/EQ combination to warm up a DAW recording?

And does this make sense to you pros.

Cubase SX 2-bus out Apogee Rosetta through analog compressor and EQ and then back into the apogee into Wave Lab. For a mastering process.

I also have an API 3124. HAs anyone messed with running the 2-bus back through the MIC pre? I am pretty convinced that I will need some good outboard gear to get the sound I am looking for. I have started running through a Peavy VCL/2 and it is adding some warmth although I know I could do much better.

Keeping in mind I am not trying to open a mastering house. suggestions on any or all of the above would be greatly appreciated.


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anonymous Tue, 11/09/2004 - 07:19

Wow... this is going in like 65 directions at once...

The 1968 is a very nice mix compressor... I reckon it could be used for mastering as well... the EQ-2NV and the 1961 have a little less than nothing in common [other than the fact that they're both equalizers] so it's pretty tough to give a real "compare and contrast" [I think you can pretty much guess which one I prefer... but that's kinda natural when something has been designed for you... and no, I don't make a royalty on them so no, my preferance is purely from a sonic view point, not a commercial viewpoint].

As for "the best" EQ/compressor combination for warming up a digital signal"... ugh, the first part of that would be to have some serious [S-E-R-I-O-U-S!!!] D/A-A/D converters on either side of the "best EQ/compressor combo"... without great converters, you're already missing a big part of the improvement capabilities... something in the Lavry "blue" series or Crane Song "HEDD-192" kinda league would be my first suggestion... from there, it's going to be a matter of your sense of aesthetic.

You can certainly run the audio back through an API 3124... engage the pad and you should be fine... add an external pad to the output while cranking the input and you might find yourself really digging the hell out of it [or not, depends on your sense of aesthetic]

Best of luck with the search!!

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tedcrop Tue, 11/09/2004 - 08:00

On the converters topic. I have the Apogee Rosetta 800. Do you think that I am in the right ball park with that.

As for the compressor and EQ. I have been thinking about the FATSO and then something like the eq2nv when I can afford it.

Someone had mentioned the Speck EQ would work well with the FATSO