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On Recording Through an 888, and other things digital

When ProTools took over the DAW market with a vengeance, they brought the 888 along for the ride. I say we send this bad boy back, and start taking ADA conversion seriously.

When getting sounds through it, it's important to note that what you're about to record could sound alot better with quality A/D converters. But, at least it won't ever sound any worse than what you're hearing through the 888's D/A section.

This negativity is not unfounded. Check it out for yourself, and you too will demand better. The 888 served its purpose, and is even workable with the AES I/O, but lets leave the converters in the digital dark age...


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sheet Thu, 12/02/2004 - 11:02


The 888 was state of the art back in it's day. Digidesign "took over the market"? Hardly. They built it. There wasn't anything else out there that could do what it did on a professional level given the price point.

The only other things around were hundreds times the price like New England Digital (8 tracks for about 40k), Synclavier (not the same, but the basis for what caused the two guys to get into digital), etc, etc. Digital multitracks were a couple of hundred grand, digital consoles...or processors like the AT&T were stupid expensive.

True the 888 is way past it's prime, but it is not a current product. It's converters are still better than the ones in the average Tascam, Sony, etc DAT, CD or MD recorders that people have relied on for years. It has better DAC's than some of the $10-40k defacto standard reverb processors.

You should study the history of Digi and the graveyard of other companies that made a go of it with some very good, but badly implemented/represented products.

Just remember. There are hundreds of not thousands or records and movies made with them. Yes, in a channel to channel comparison, you may hear differences. But in the mix, it obviously is a wash and monetarilly unjustifiable for some to upgrade.

Why don't you call Ford and rant about the Ford Pinto being a bad car.