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888/24 AES/EBU out to DA-88, how?

I need to go AES/EBU out of my 888/24 and into my DA-88. What options do I have in terms of gear? I know that Tascam makes the IF-AE8 for this purpose,but it's $500.00, anyone know of an alternative to the Tascam IF-AE8?



Greg Malcangi Sun, 03/24/2002 - 06:21
Hi Boom chic,

I faced the same problem a couple of years ago with my DA98 and ended up buying the IF-AES unit, which although a little costly does exactly what I wanted. 8 channels out of my 888|24 and into the Tascam in AES format. If you are thinking of upgrading to PT|HD, the new 192 I/O has a TDIF connector built in. Which in theory should connect directly to the 25pin DSub connector on the DA88 without the need for the IF-AES unit.





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