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midi controller for voice processor??? pls help...

Hey Everyone,

I just bought the TC Helicon Voice Prism Plus Voice Processor. I love
the sound it produces but I got to thinking...I am going to need to
have variables on some of the effects change and be manipulated throughout the songs at different points in time, so I think I need a midi controller to be able to do this, right?

My question is, what's the best midi controller out there for live application and studio? I'm probably going to need to be able to manipulate it myself with my feet (I'm the vocalist in the band). There's gonna be times when i need to punch it with my foot to add a delay ping pong effect, sometimes I'll need to punch it for a "telephonic" effect on my voice, etc etc...

So you can see I'll need to be able to change the voice prism's effects within a matter of a split second, requiring some type of midi help I'm guessing.

Any suggestions for a controller that will be easy to use in conjunction with the voice prism processor?



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moonbaby Mon, 05/09/2005 - 14:18

TC makes a programmable MIDI footswitch for their G Major guitar processor. Nothing fancy, but it does "up/down"the presets,which from what you described, should do. You probably don't want something too elaborate, because that can be very distracting onstage.
There is also the Tech 21 Midi Mouse, another Midi footswitch for program changing. Their gear is built like a tank, and is very reasonably priced (about $125.00 US).And if you want to get fancy, why not look into a small MIDI keyboard from a company like M Audio? You could use the keys as harmony interval selectors, the program select buttons to change presets, and the wheels as parameter dials. Plus, the audience would think that you are a multi-talented genius! Just a thought...