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Always ending up in loops

Hi everybody,
my questions goes out to all you guys who are able to finish their songs:

My problem is: I always start like making some hooks or super sounding (to me ;) ) 8-bars music, but
i fail to end with a complete track. I'm mainly focused on making pop music,
but i didn't get into contact to some singers yet.

My question is: How do you produce whole songs? Do you make your instrumentals at your own and send them (or show them) to singers,
or do you co-develop them with singers? And which way do you find most effective and why? And if there's yet such a thread, do you have a link ?

I can always say in which mood the song will possibly go, but i'm not sure how to build up the whole track.

Best regards


audiokid Wed, 09/05/2012 - 11:08

common question.

Goal: Start a loop, and lay some vocals down.

The process that works for me. Build a loop full of percussion and musical tracks into a cool bar or two. Then duplicate it into a 16 bar run. Then turn off the majority of everything you've done so you have a progression that starts out simple and builds into what you built. This now leaves room for vox tracks. You now have a scratch track for a verse or two.
Make stuff up, doesn't have to make sense. Just do it. Over time you will get better and you will find the words in the music or the music in the words and an end to it all. Verse chorus, bridges, solo etc. The key is to harness the moment during creation because it is that point in time that the magic happens. The more you do this, the easier it gets.
You become a master at transferring your life experiences in sounds, thus into music that hopefully other people find interesting.
If you find a singer that is talented, and you are all on the same wave, you are in business.

Thats a good start. Good luck.