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Amp Sim for jazz guitar

Thanks to much help from this excellent forum, I am now achieving some great results recording my seven string archtop. I have bypassed the amp completely and am DIing through my very excellent Avalon U5 using both outputs and have a RODE NTK setup in front of the guitar (quite close in front of the pickup) with a Reflection Filter.

I have been experimenting with amp sims on one of the DI tracks. I started with Logic's Guitar Amp Pro and the other day installed the Revalver demo. I would like people's opinions on other amp sims out there. I can find many comparisons between Amplitude and Guitar Rig but was wondering how Revalver compares to these. I know I could download loads of demos but thought I would ask first rather than clogging up my system with loads of demo plugins. I am obviously working with a clean sound and once again can only seem to find people's opinions on distorted tones. Much of the stuff I am recording is solo jazz guitar so I am after an intimate big warm sound.

Opinionswould be greatly appreciated!


guitarjazzman Sun, 06/24/2007 - 12:29

Cheers for the replies. I will certainly give Logic's multipresser a try.

I downloaded demos for Revalver and Guitar Rig 2. I am wondering if I would be better in using the tools I have already. It seems to me that there are three things in an amp sim that I need. Firstly the amp sections obviously change the sound in a way that I could possibly use EQ, multipresser, etc. the next two elements are the sound of the speaker and the mic picking up the sound. Can I get impulse responses for Space designer that emulate mic'd cabs?

Getting back to the amp section of an amp sim, Vintage Warmer obviously ads 'warmth' to a sound. what does an amp sim do to ad warmth to the sound? do they work on impulse response type measurements?

Excuse my ignorance!

BobRogers Sun, 06/24/2007 - 17:09

I think your last post may be on to at least one path to a solution (and the one I'd be most inclined toward) - using your basic tools rather than an amp sim. As you tell it, you've got a DI sound you really like with the Avalon. So what are you looking for in an amp sim (he asked rhetorically). You want the compression and subtle distortion of a clean tube amp and a little sound of the speaker/room/mic combination. Seems to me the amp sim is providing you with a compressor, eq, reverb combination. I'd guess you are probably better off doing this yourself with outboard units or plugins. My experience is that clean sounds are the poor stepchildren of the amp sim world. Let's face it, if you were designing a unit like this wouldn't you spend all your time on the Marshall stack sim? And to me - good compression/eq/reverb units are about as useful an item as you can get. That's the direction that I'd look.