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Anyone seen reviews of this soundcard?

http://www.musician… 1212M Master-Level Recording System[/]="http://www.musician… 1212M Master-Level Recording System[/]

Anyone own one of these? I'm concerned about the compatibility with other componets, any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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mjones4th Fri, 01/30/2004 - 16:51
For everyone too lazy to click the link, its an E-Mu 1212M 24bit/192kHz card

Well its $199 and features mastering-grade converters. They should put everyone out of business if its true. :roll:

And its not yet available, the link says 2/18/04, and it was just announced last week at NAMM. I'd say give it three months from that date and the initial reviews will start to come out.


Member Sat, 01/31/2004 - 20:38
Yeah, I suppose that could make or brake it. Isn't E-Mu a synth manufacturer? I guess maybe I am just attracted to it because I think it's just exactly what I need-no more no less-compared to my current config. (8 in, 8 out,Spdif). I like the idea of simplifying things, and maybe even going without a real world mixer in the signal chain. Hey Mark, bump me in May...

mjones4th Sat, 01/31/2004 - 21:43
Phil my memory is nowhere that good.

E-Mu is a synth maker, has been for years They were acquired by Creative a while back, an, since then, basically their synth R&D has been on zero budget, besides creating new sample ROMs for existing synth architectures. Let's hope that trend changes.

Oh and a good idea for mixerless setups is something like the Samson C Control.