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Apogee AD1000

Have any of you guys tried one of those? It's 20 bit but...


Opus2000 Wed, 08/21/2002 - 16:15
Hey guys...
This is great!
Don't know if you all know it but I am Apogee's tech support staff!
Every listener is subjective in one way or another and concentrates in one frequency over the other so everyone will have their own opinions as to which is better. I personally choose the PSX-100SE as well..
Just to give you the details of the SE..
It's a newer Op Amp and converter assembly which gives you a wider band range and a higher slew rate..the PSX-100 is known to capture the bottom end really nicely but the SE truly retains that signal! WIth 24 bits it's truly more noticable BUT use the AD-1000 with 16bit mode and there's a great sounding recording...not to get off topic but the MiniMe is something all AD and DA legacy owners should think about! The option of the Soft Limit and Soft Limit Compression is truly amazing!
Their on the way very soon! Check em out!




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