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I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this. I would really like to get back to recording some songs though and my computer's sound card I believe has gone haywire. Here are my current songs if any of you are interested, and the last "song" is what happens when I press the record button.

http://www.reverbna…"]Me | Anchorage, AK | Hip Hop / Rap | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation[/]="http://www.reverbna…"]Me | Anchorage, AK | Hip Hop / Rap | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation[/]

I am guessing I have to buy a new sound card. but it's soo weird that all the music playback works fine but audio recording is FUBARd. Any help or sending me in the right direction for help is much appreciated. Thanks :)

-Daniel Jones


Big K Sat, 02/26/2011 - 04:23

If you own Cubase for 600 $, but you are using FL, because Cubase was too confusing ( see profile ), could indicate that you are using cracked software...
Please tell us, it isn't so... This is Pro Audio Forum and cracked SW is a NONO!

Quite normal that only certain functions of a device become defective.
Buy something like RME BabyFace for serious recording and playback.



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